Reinforcement Bar Coupling Parallel System

1) The end of the reinforcement bars is sawn square.

Cold Forging:
2) With the help of cold forging, the sawn end of the reinforcing bar is then enlarged. With this the core diameter of the bar is increased to pre determined diameter.

3) An ISO standard metric thread is then cut.

Size (mm)
Thread Diameter (mm) Length (mm) MM Pitch Weight(Kg)
12 M16 20 30 2 0.062
16 M20 26 42 2 0.082
18 M22 29 45 2.5 0.114
20 M24 32 48 2.5 0.153
22 M27 36 54 3 0.207
25 M30 40 65 3 0.303
28 M33 44 70 3 0.398
32 M36 50 78 3 0.608
36 M39 60 88 3 0.875
40 M45 62 95 4 1.138

Installation of NCT Re- Bar Couplers

  • Good quality shear cut bars with sharp perpendicular cutting or saw cutting may be used. The threading is provided on bar ends with proprietary branded threading equipment and thread cutting tools.

  • Threading of reinforcement bars must be carried out as per NCT RE-BAR COUPLERS by trained operator. The thread checking gauge is used for checking the threads. The threads shall be covered by thread protection plastic cap while storing.

  • The bent bars may be threaded on threading machine provided straight length of the bent bar-end to be threaded is more than 0.5 m. If not so, the bars may be threaded in straight lengths, connected thoroughly and bar bending is carried out subsequently. The bent must be minimum 100mm apart from thread bar end.

  • The bar is connected to coupler sleeve initially by hand tightening and then with pipe wrench.

  • The NCT RE- BAR Couplers full strength threaded butt joining that achieves strength with fully engaged threading of coupler and reinforcement bars. Therefore, it is essential to ensure adequate tightening of joining connection for effective load transfer.
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